Genuine Tents Manufacturers in Uganda

Genuine Tents Manufacturers in Uganda

Genuine tents are made by genuine manufacturers in Uganda. Tents are movable (temporally) shelters that are used on wedding events, exhibition events, camping events, church services, school events, music concerts, football events, funeral events, government events, visitation day events, non government organization’s events, family gathering events and more. In Uganda tents are also used as car parking shades, sleeping for security officials especially those with lower ranks, compound shades and more.

For over years, tents have been serving an important role of making events and the guests feel well because of their make of openness which enable access of fresh air from all sides. The most selling tents in Uganda are Wedding tents, Camping tents, Classroom tents, 250 seater tents, 100 seater tents, 50 seater tents, Umbrella tents, Car Port tents for car parking shades, tarpaulin for the trucks, Sleeping tents, Canopy 100 seater tents, and more.

Genuine Tents Manufacturers in Uganda includes the following and they are ranked as below:

  • Westline Tents Manufacturers and Shades Co. Ltd

Westline Tents is a registered tents manufacturing company in Uganda with a seasoned experience of making good, durable and affordable tents. It is ranked number one in making tents in Uganda by tents manufacturers.

Their tents are made from strong PVC materials and galvanized pipes which makes them durable and resistant to the African changing weather. Westline Tents Manufacturers and Shades Co. Ltd makes variety of tent types which some of them includes Wedding tents, Church tents, Canopy tents, Exhibition tents, Sleeping tents, Camping tents, Compound tents, Military tents, Shade tents, Car Port tents for car parking, 100 seater tents, 50 seater tents, 200 seater tents, 250 seater tents, Umbrella tents, NGO tents, 800 seater tents, 1000 seater tents, School tents, Dome tents, Funeral tents, Emergency Shelter tents, Storage Warehouse tents, Refugee tents, Army tents and more.

Westline Tents Manufacturers and Shades Co. Ltd are located in Nakawa along Jinja Road, Kampala Uganda. They supply tents all over East Africa and some parts of the world. Contact Westline

  • Sillah Limited

Sillah Limited was founded in 1995 in South Korea with a sole objective of alleviating the shelter problem faced by many Koreans at the time.

On achieving this, the company sought to extend the service worldwide after finding a great demand for it. Uganda’s strategic location in Africa saw it chosen as the manufacturing base to serve the east, central and southern African regions.

Our knowledge of the industry, professional workmanship and unique designs sets us apart.

  • Maat Tents Manufacturers

They are manufacturers, buyers, Seller, dealers, importers, exporters, suppliers of all kinds of commercial tents, plastics, P.V.C. pipe, plastic bags, molded industrial articles, industrial components and articles, plastic bottles, plastic furniture, tubing films, roles or their allied and auxiliary plastics, etc. Tents

  • Goldenman Tents

Goldman Tent provides personal solutions for all large-scale temporary structure applications in various styles and designs. They offer a large range of tent structures that are available in a variety of clear span widths ranging from 5m to 50m wide. Large tent structures are supplied in a number of shapes, sizes and designs. They can also custom designed a tent to your specifications.

  • Majjanja and Sons

Majjanja and sons co. Ltd is a tent manufacturing company found in Kireka along Jinja Road Uganda’s central region. They are manufacturer of Canvas Fabric and PVC items such as tents and camping equipment for industry, business, residential and recreational uses of high quality and durability life span.

There are many genuine tents manufacturing companies in Uganda but Westline Tents Manufacturers and Shades Co. Ltd have proved to be the leading number one tents manufacturers in Uganda with the best quality tents. From our research, we recommend Westline Tents Manufacturers and Shades Co. Ltd for the quality tents you’re looking for.

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