Wedding Tents in Uganda

Wedding Tents in Uganda

tents price in uganda

Camping tents are small temporary shelters commonly used buy tourists, security operatives in camps, school students and among others around Uganda and the rest of the world. Such tents are sometimes already made or customized by tent makers according to the user’s needs.

Camping tents are categorized basing on the space capacity (people that it can occupy). Examples of camping categories include 8 Sleeper camping tent, 2 Sleeper camping tent, 4 Sleeper camping tents, 6 Sleeper camping tent, 10 Sleeper camping tent, 12 Sleeper camping tent, 20 Sleeper camping tent, 30 Sleeper camping tent, 40 Sleeper camping tent, 50 Sleeper camping tent, 100 Sleeper camping tent, and 500 Sleeper camping tent. 

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Wedding tents are usually wide and large tents made with a purpose of occupying a large number of guests on a wedding function. Such tents are manufactured basing on the client’s specifications, ability to pay and need for it.

Wedding tents in Uganda are mainly owned or manufactured by events planning companies or tent manufacturers in Uganda and they hire them to their daily or weekly clients with wedding functions on a certain fee as they may agree.

Examples of Wedding tents in Uganda include 50 Seater tents, 100 Seater tents, 150 Seater tents, 200 Seater tents, 250 Seater tents, 300 Seater tents, 400 Seater tents, 500 Seater tents, 800 Seater tents and 1000 Seater tents.

Exhibition tents are small sized tents used by companies during tradeshows, expos, festivals, product launch events, music event shows and streets around cities and towns such as Kampala in Uganda.

Exhibition tents are usually made by tent manufacturers order by their clients since they are always labeled by company names and brands.

Examples of Exhibition tents include 2 Seater exhibition tents, 3 Seater exhibition tents, 4 Seater exhibition tents, 5 Seater exhibition tents, 6 Seater exhibition tents, 7 Seater exhibition tents, 8 Seater exhibition tents, 9 Seater exhibition tents, 10 Seater exhibition tents, 12 Seater exhibition tents, 15 Seater exhibition tents, and 20 Seater exhibition tents.

Umbrella tents are similar to exhibition tents though these ones are usually used by individuals not companies in Uganda. Almost all chapati makers in Uganda and the world at large use Umbrella tents to get for shades around their working environments.

Tent manufacturing companies in Uganda make umbrella tents basing on client’s request. Tent maker (tent manufacturers) follow requests from their clients to manufacture modern umbrella tents.

Car shade tents are simple and light shelters designed for car parking. Car drivers and car owners tend to order for car shade tents from the tent makers with different specifications. The specifications include how many cars it occupies, size of the car shade tent and quality of the material used to make it.

Car shade tents are usually used in homes for car parking shelters, Car parking venues, Car washing bays, and recreations and events places.

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