Tents for sale in Kampala Uganda

Tents for sale in Kampala Uganda

Different types of tents for sale in Uganda and hire in Uganda which are custom made according to someone’s needs and specifications.
Since the beginning of 2022, Tents in Uganda and the rest of the world is the most valuable item on all budgets for events (wedding events, festival events, exhibition events, entertainment events, and bar tents) to the extent that no function is held minus a tent even if it’s a funeral event.

Tents in Uganda are made from Galvanized pipes, and PVC materials. Companies like Westline Tents and Shades Co. Ltd, Majjanja & Sons tent manufacturers, Sillah Tents ltd, Maat tent manufacturers and General supplies, Tagiko tent manufacturers and Tents4U have emerged as the top tent manufacturing experts due to the experience their employees have to produce quality, unique and affordable tents in Uganda.

Tents for hire in Kampala Uganda

These are already made tents kept in store of either events managing companies or tent manufacturing companies. These companies hire them to their clients and charge a fixed fee per day or according to their personal agreements.

These tents are hired by both private and public entities during their functions. Companies such as NGOs in Uganda, Development Sacco in Uganda, Schools in Uganda, Churches in Uganda, Mosques in Uganda, Events company and Bars.

These tents are always hired by private individuals, events organizers in Uganda, Government institutions in Uganda, private and public schools in Uganda.

Examples of tents for hire in Uganda include;

50 Seaters tent.
This type of tent is good for simple family events such as funeral, wedding, trainings, office reception areas, and among others.
100 Seaters tent.
150 Seaters tent.
200 Seaters tent.
250 Seaters tent.
300 Seater tent.
400 Seaters tent.
500 Seaters tent.
1000 Seaters tent.
These types of tents are used for a all kinds of events with average number of people and this can work for anyone because of their affordable costs.

Camping tents.
For camping tents, they are made basing on client’s request in terms of capacity, design, color and materials.

Bar tents.
It has been a trend of Ugandan bars to extend their permanent buildings with temporary tent shades in a bid of expanding the bar area and creating areas for smoking around bars in Uganda.

Church tents.
Due to high costs of building materials in Uganda, most churches in Uganda buy tents to use for church gatherings and prayer sessions. Some churches include Canaan Land for Pastor Aloysius Bujingo and many more.

School tents.
Schools hire tents during their school events such as cultural gala, sports days, and visitation days.

Tents for events.
Events companies like Silk Events, Balaam Marketing Agency, Sure Events, and among others hire and buy tents for their events which are later used to organize big events for their clients.

Exhibition tents.
Companies like DSTV Uganda, Centenary Bank, Prudential, Uganda Revenue Authority, Safe Boda Uganda, Jumia Uganda, Nile Breweries, Harris International, and many more uses these small tents for show casing their products and services during expos and tradeshows.

Branded tents.
Big organizations such as UNICEF, Red Cross, AMREF, Makerere University, Mulago hospital, TASO, URA, and other related organizations get manufactured branded tents from tent manufacturing companies such as Westline Tents and Shades Co. Ltd, Majjanja & Sons, MAAT, Sillah, and Tagiko.

Compound tents.
Beach shades.
Bar shades.
Extension shades.
Car shades.

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