What to consider while choosing tent design?

What to consider while choosing tent design?

What to consider while choosing tent design for your event be it a wedding tents, camping tents, exhibition tents, shade tents and others? The following factors are crucial for a strong, legit, long lasting and well designed tents for any event.

The number of people you plan to sit in the tent. In simple terms the tent capacity for example 100 seater tent is for 100 number of people.

The space where you intend to place it. A 50 seater tent can fit in a space where you can put 100 seater tent but the reverse is not true. Therefore, we advise our clients to measure the space of their compound before choosing the tent size.

The purpose of the tent our client is looking for. If the purpose is a wedding function with advice the client to consider 100 seater tents, 200 seater tents, 500 seater tents. If the purpose is exhibition, we advise our clients to buy exhibition tents with 4 corners and open sided to allow their clients to easily access them from all sides. If the purpose is camping, we advise them to buy camping tents. For comping tents, we have different sizes according to number of people that are meant to use the tent and different shapes.

Weight of the tent. If the tents is for moving events, we advise the client to consider a tent made from light but original and hard materials that lasts long.

Experience of the tent manufacturer. To know the experience of the tent manufacturing company, we always advise the clients to ask for past work and if possible, share references of people they have worked for. This helps the tent client to weed out gamblers and at the end land on experienced tent manufacturers.

In conclusion, we advise the client to consider the above factor while choosing the best tent designs. The client may also engage the experienced tent manufacturers like Westline Tents Manufacturers and Shade Makers for further guidance before deciding on the type of tent to buy.

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